Toronto Police Services Board
Board Members
The Police Services Act establishes the number of Board members in direct relation to the population of the area it represents.

The Board elects a Chair and Vice-Chair at its first meeting of each year. The timing and election of the Chair is legislated by the Police Services Act.

The Toronto Police Services Board is the only Board in Ontario to be headed by a full time Chair. This position carries a salary of $90,963. Despite the increasing complexity of the position, the salary has not changed since 1987.

City of Toronto Councillors are not compensated for their work on the Board; rather, this service is seen as part of their regular duties. Provincial appointees to the Board receive an annual remuneration of $8,791 (1993).

Board Members are governed by a code of conduct. 

How to apply to be on the Police Services Board

There are a number of ways you can become a Board member.

You can get appointed to the Board by

  1. the Province,
  2. the City of Toronto,
  3. being the City of Toronto Mayor or designate,
  4. being a City Councillor and elected by your fellow Councillors to serve on the Board.
The Police Services Act sets out who will be members of the Board. In Toronto, it states that three members will be appointed by the provincial government; one member will be the Mayor of Toronto (or designate); two members will be City of Toronto Councillors and one member will be a citizen selected by the City of Toronto Council.

The Ontario Association of Police Services Boards has also published "Guidelines for selection and appointment of Police Services Board Members".