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At its meeting of August 18, 2020, the Toronto Police Services Board approved 81 recommendations for police reform that were contained in a report by Chair Jim Hart, titled “Police Reform in Toronto: Systemic Racism, Alternative Community Safety and Crisis Response Models and Building New Confidence in Public Safety.”.  These recommendations established a roadmap for comprehensive policing reform in Toronto, and include building new community safety response models, various initiatives to address systemic racism and concrete steps to improve trust with our communities.

These recommendations were motivated by thousands of messages that the Board received from members of the public on police reform, accountability, and community safety priorities, as well as decisions approved by the Toronto City Council in June 2020. The recommendations were developed after robust public engagement that occurred over the months of June, July and into August 2020.

Accountability for reform is a cornerstone of the Board’s and Service’s approach to the work ahead.  As the work of reform continues, the people of Toronto should be able to track progress in a transparent and accessible manner. To this end, an interactive dashboard has been developed and will be updated regularly. The dashboard describes the Board’s and Service’s work plan for the implementation of each of these critical initiatives, tracks our progress, and provides links to relevant public reports, as soon as they are available. This dashboard serves as the primary and most efficient method to report to the public on developments in the implementation of these reforms.

Members of the public are invited to contact the Board with any comments or suggestions with regard to the dashboard. 

These significant reforms are being carried out, in part, in collaboration with the City of Toronto. To review steps taken by the City to support and enhance community safety, fight systemic racism, and improve mental health crisis response in Toronto, please refer to the City’s webpage on Policing Reform.

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