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Download pdf.png Semi-Annual Report: Publication of Expenses – July to December 2019

Download pdf.png “I Don’t Want to Live In Fear”: Voices from the Toronto Police Services Board Town Hall Meetings – Interim Summary

Download pdf.png TPSB Town Hall Visual Summary

Download pdf.png Semi Annual Report: Publication of Expenses January to June 2019

Download pdf.png Perceptions of the Toronto Police and Impact of Rule Changes Under Regulation 58 16 - A Community Survey

Download pdf.png Publication of Expenses July to December 2017

Download pdf.png Human Rights Project Charter Final Report

Download pdf.png Assessing the Effectivness of the Board's Youth Initiatives

Download pdf.png Avoiding Crisis an Opportunity: Transforming the Toronto Police Service

Download pdf.png Toronto Police Service 2014-2016 Business Plan

Download pdf.png Evaluation of the Human Rights Project Charter - Full Report

Download pdf.png Legal Opinion Provided by Frank Addario Regarding Police Stops

Download pdf.png To Prosperity: Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy

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