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Access to Information

Informal Access to Information

The Toronto Police Services Board welcomes requests for access to information. Many requests for information, with the exception of those for personal information and other limited exceptions, may be made without filing a formal request for access under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). Informal requests may be made to the Toronto Police Services Board. See our Contact Us page for contact details.

Important: Before making an MFIPPA request for records, please contact the Toronto Police Services Board to see if the information you are seeking may be provided free of charge and without filing an MFIPPA request.

Freedom of Information Legislation

MFIPPA establishes a general legal right of access to records using these principles:

  • any records held by a government institution should, in general, be available to the public
  • any exemptions from the right of access to such records should be limited and specific
  • any decisions relating to access to such records can be reviewed by the independent Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
  • any person may make a request for records held by a government institution covered by MFIPPA

Making a Freedom of Information Request

Information held by the Board typically includes agendas and minutes of Board meetings and those of its committees, correspondence, agreements, as well as various other materials under the day-to-day care and control of the Board. Decisions regarding the disclosure of Board records are made exclusively by the Board and by those who have been delegated the authority by the Board to make such decisions.

Requests for information held by the Toronto Police Services Board are made to the Toronto Police Service's Access and Privacy Section, which is responsible for managing compliance with M.F.I.P.P.A. and other statutes. Please refer to the Access and Privacy Section's website for further information and instructions on making a request for information. Requests may be made in person or in writing, and must include the $5.00 non-waivable and non-refundable application fee. M.F.I.P.P.A. prescribes a processing fee schedule that we may apply for either personal or general information. If the anticipated fees exceed $25.00 you will be contacted by a Disclosure Analyst and given a fee estimate prior to the request being processed. If the fee estimate is $100.00 or more, you may be required to pay a 50% deposit prior to the request being processed with the balance due upon completion.