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What's New

  • The Public may view the YouTube livefeed of the Board's Special Meeting, called for Thursday, May 16 at 9am. Please be advised that it is expected that the meeting will move to an in camera session shortly after it begins.

  • Read the letter to Mayor Olivia Chow from the Board's Executive Director in response to City Council Item MM 11.37 - Keeping Toronto Safe from Hate, and learn more about the Toronto Police Service's response to hate crime in Toronto

  • Learn more about the Board's policing reforms and the progress we're making in improving the work the Toronto Police Service does for you

  • Important: To serve the Board with legal documents, please contact us in advance by email or by phone at 416-808-8080, to ensure we will be able to accept the documents at our offices located at Toronto Police Headquarters at 40 College Street.