Making a Deputation

Any member of the public may, either on their own behalf or as a representative of an organization or group, appear at any public meeting of the Board and make a deputation.

Notice for Making a Deputation

As many of you may know, we have a new procedural by-law.

As part of our meetings, we provide an opportunity for the public to provide input to the Board though deputations.

Police Services Board Members are appointed by the province and the City to fulfill the requirements of the Police Services Act and to deliberate in public. In doing this, we hear deputations from members of the community.  The deputation process is one important way for the public to provide input but it is critical that we understand the parameters of that process.

In the past, we have been quite liberal in the way we permit deputations and the restrictions we impose, but in the past few meetings, we have had situations in which some members have treated the meetings as a forum for debate.  In addition, we have had some very unfortunate occurrences where some deputants have acted in a way that is disrespectful to others. 

As a result, we will now be following our procedural by-laws strictly. We will provide a time-limited opportunity for each deputant to speak.  Deputations must address the specific agenda item directly.

And if disruptions occur, we will adjourn the meeting and ask anyone disrupting the meeting to leave.

The guidelines for making a deputation can be found in the procedural by-law and are summarized below:

  • the subject matter must pertain to an item on the meeting agenda
  • the request must be received no later than noon on the business day preceding the day of the meeting
  • the request must be made to the Board Administrator by completing the Request to Make a Deputation form below
  • the request must set out the particulars of the matter and include a copy of any materials that will be presented
  • the request must indicate the name, telephone number and email address of the person who will speak to the matter
  • unless otherwise directed by the Board, deputations will be restricted to five (5) minutes and will be addressed only to the stated business
  • a presentation on behalf of any organization or group may be made by more than a single representative but the entire submission on behalf of an organization or group will be limited to five minutes
  • requests to make a deputation will not be considered once the meeting has commenced
  • your presentation will be live streamed/videotaped as part of the regular Board meeting


Request To Make A Deputation

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