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Process to Appoint Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police and Chief Administrative Officer


November 20, 2008

Minute No: P304/08


November 15, 2010

Minute No: P292/10


November 15, 2010

Minute No: P292/10




Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.15, as amended,

s. 31(1)(c)(d).



The Toronto Police Services Board is committed to ensuring that its process to appoint the Chief, Deputy Chief and Chief Administrative Officer is fair, transparent, equitable and consistent.   

In accordance with this commitment, it is the policy of the Toronto Police Services Board that the selection process to recruit and appoint the Chief of Police, a Deputy Chief of Police and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) be consistent with the following general process, consisting of four steps: application, interview, verification and appointment. 

The following policy applies to both internal and external candidates. 

Step 1: Application 

In order to apply and be eligible for appointment, candidates must meet all of the eligibility requirements for the position, including those identified in documents or notices advertising the position.   Failure to conform to the Service’s core values may result in the candidate being removed from the process at any stage. 

Step 2: Interview 

Candidates who have met the eligibility requirements will attend an interview with an interview panel comprised of at least two Board Members. 

Step 3: Verification 

Recommendation for appointment will be subject to verification of all information provided by the candidate. Further, the Board will conduct a comprehensive background check of all candidates under consideration.

Step 4: Appointment 

The decision to appoint a candidate to a position will be made by the Board and recorded in its Minutes. 


The recruitment process will be consistent with the Board’s Race and Ethnocultural Equity Policy to ensure that the selection of candidates is free from bias or prejudice on the grounds of race, sex, place of origin, sexual orientation, age, disability and socio-economic status.

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